Hey y'all,

My name is Zachary McClellan and I'm a well-rounded designer with a knowledge of design ranging from print to digital media to branding. I have experience working with institutions such as Georgia State University and brands like Coca-Cola, Home Depot Canada, Shell, The Department of State, The VA, Mayo Clinic, Comcast, and several large automotive groups as a designer. I'm an Atlanta, GA native, and I have worked most recently as both a Graphic Designer and then Brand Manager at the up and coming auto sales tech company, FlowFound. I’ve also worked at J. Walter Thompson INSIDE and studied design at Portfolio Center in Atlanta. During my time at JWT INSIDE, I designed ads and internal and employer branding for a variety of clients. During my time at PC, my courses covered every facet of design including packaging design and branding to experiential and web design. I'm proud to be a graduate of PC and part of its talented alumni!

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